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As a leading Managed Service Provider, First Focus provides high-quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to help your organisation succeed with IT. Our proven combination of enterprise-grade cloud technology, breadth of IT specialists, and fast, personalised service, provides managed IT you can rely on. Receive proactive managed services and IT advice from local experts based at our office at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

IT Support Services

Unlimited Business IT Support

First Focus provides a full range of IT assistance including help desk, on-site and remote support, with expertise across all of your infrastructure needs. We are one of the fastest growing and most successful support providers throughout Canada and United States.

Our IT Support Plans

  • No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses have the same IT requirements. That’s why First Focus offers a range of support plans are designed to be flexible enough to meet any support need.
  • While we offer options for Monitoring and Maintenance, most clients are looking for our full Managed Support Service available through our Total Support Essentials, Total Support and Total Support Plus range of plans.

IT Support Plan Options

Total Support Essential

Our range of Total Support Plans all include the following:

  • Service Delivery *24 / 7 Service Desk
  • Customer Portal *Standard SLA Support *Technical Account Management
  • Maintenance and Alerts *Real-time routine maintenance *Server & Desktop patching
  • 24 / 7 Connectivity monitoring *24 / 7 Infrastructure monitoring
  • Remediation of monitoring alerts *Remote Support (Incidents and Requests)
  • Connectivity Support *Infrastructure Support *End User Support
  • Microsoft Office Support

Total Support

  • All of the benefits of Total Support Essentials plus:
  • Full Canada / US-based Service Desk
  • Line of Business Software Support (up to 5 apps)
  • Options for:
  • Telephony Support
  • Onsite Support (Metro &/or Regional)
  • Regular Scheduled Visits

Total Support Plus

  • All of the benefits of Total Support plus:
  • Technical Account Management by a Senior Executive
  • Full Line of Business Software Support
  • Telephony Support
  • Onsite Support (Metro)
  • Regular Scheduled Visits

Managed Cloud Services

End-to-End Cloud Services that go
beyond the Data Centre

Private Cloud

Smart Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud solutions, known as ‘Smart Cloud’, are all about accountability. We don’t just give you a bunch of infrastructure that meets an SLA. We deliver the whole package, and we make sure it does what you need.

Private Cloud Solutions

We are experts in delivering solutions that are fully integrated across all our Private Cloud, Maintenance and Support services.

We’ll help design your solution and be accountable for it meeting your needs. Our design services span the full range of IT infrastructure and are not limited to the data centre.

Secure, Flexible, Scalable

  • None of your data is offshore as we host from Canadian data centres
  • We provide flexible software licensing and deployment options
  • We have capacity that is instantly scalable to meet almost any new hosting requirement

Faster Performance

Achieve faster network performance. As an MPLS provider, we can connect your office to our Managed Cloud with a point to point network link, providing complete control and direct access to your Smart Cloud infrastructure. Our modular cloud components also have much lower contention levels than those available from public cloud providers, meaning an overall vastly superior solution.

Cloud Control

  • Customise Quality of Service (QoS) profiles to different requirements.
  • Suitable managed telephony, VOIP, and unified communications
  • Centrally managed firewall and proxy for your corporate network
  • High speed effective off-site backups

Advanced Technology

Our Smart Cloud is built with small, flexible, server and storage modules that are joined and configured to meet your requirements on-demand.
This provides a much lower level of contention than multi-tenanted systems and a greater ability to customise.

Virtualisation and Connectivity

  • Access to Virtualisation management consoles, unlike Public Cloud
  • Connect Smart Cloud components with your infrastructure, PABX or other DC infrastructure
  • Flexible LAN addressing, operating systems and Virtual Host configuration
  • Choice of backup or replication tools to maximise your existing investment

End-to End Support

Our service doesn’t stop at the Data Centre. You’ll be assigned a Technical Account Manager who understands your configuration, who will help with any IT issue.
We provide comprehensive ITIL based end-user help desk, on-site and application support options. With detailed customisable monitoring, alerts and thresholds, at the application level; not just the Server level

Public Cloud

ublic Cloud covers a huge range of different services, including Software-as-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Deciding on which combination of services to use for your needs is a complex decision. Our team has extensive experience in migrating clients to the cloud. However, the biggest advantage of using First Focus to guide your decisions around Public Cloud is as we’re responsible for customer satisfaction and provide unlimited support, the solutions we recommended must work.

Azure, AWS and more

We have a vendor agnostic approach to the right Public Cloud provider for your organisation. So we work with all of the major providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Our connectivity solutions and Private Cloud are all able to integrate directly with AWS and Azure, providing complete and highly flexible environments to best serve your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Need the best of both worlds? A Hybrid Cloud solution can help you balance high workload applications while taking advantage of Public Cloud applications such as Office 365. Because First Focus operates our own complete Private Cloud environment, it allows us to make more customised and complex solutions easy for clients. For example, operating your own on-premises Private Cloud. We can also simplify the management of your environment by us supplying our own direct WAN links and by providing end-to-end support across the whole solution.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services. Our Cloud BACKUP service offers a simple, effective, and reliable method of backing up your servers to a remote data centre.

Our Disaster Recovery service adds a mix of infrastructure and professional services to get you back on your feet as fast and as reliably as possible.

Managed Security Services

Keep your business safe with an experienced
Managed Security Services Provider.

Managed Security Services

Securing an organisation’s data and systems is a continually evolving process. As a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) our team of CISSP-certified Security Consultants is there to help guide your organisation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experts will help protect your business against network breaches, hackers and human error while meeting government regulations and industry standards. So you can focus on running your business.

IT Security Plans

Choose from a range of plans depending on your risk profile, budget and compliance requirements. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, our plans cover everything from the must-have basics, through to enterprise level managed security.
All of our plans take a best-in-class approach to the systems we use to detect, prevent and respond to malicious threats. Backed by experienced security professionals who can swiftly act to neutralise security concerns.

Best Security Products and Service

  • By integrating the leading best of breed security products with our highly trained MSSP team, we can:
  • Manage workstation and server patching levels and provide ongoing vulnerability assessments as a business-as-usual function.
  • Catch unauthorized login attempts to restricted computers and detect an unusual midnight log-in.
  • Identify when a new user profile or an application is added to a restricted computer.
  • Be alerted to unauthorized wireless connections to the network.
  • Notice that a new user was just granted administrative rights.
  • Find sensitive personal data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and birth dates stored on machines where it doesn’t belong.
  • In the event of breach, data loss or ransomware attack, rapidly respond and provide a full suite of service.

IT Infrastructure Projects

Professional Infrastructure Projects

First Focus are experts at delivering Infrastructure Projects which are optimised to your requirements. You can be assured that First Focus’ technical solutions are designed for maximum reliability and end-user satisfaction, with minimal calls to the help desk afterward!

Value-Driven Infrastructure Projects

Successful infrastructure design means knowing how to balance expenditure across your infrastructure.
Our professional services expertise spans the complete spectrum of infrastructure, from the datacentre to desktop to licensing. Which allows us to take a “big picture” approach when determining what needs to be fixed.
So you only spend money where you need to.

Your Infrastructure Partner

Your Guarantee

Your project will be delivered with our fixed price guarantee. We take responsibility for performing sufficient scoping and design work to ensure that projects are on time and on budget. Our experience from a huge number of projects, across a diverse range of customers, means you can be confident in the solutions we propose, and the outcomes we deliver.

Design Approach

We take a consultative approach to solution design. We start by describing the outcome you’re looking for and working backward to determine the technology required to get there. We usually write a user acceptance test plan (UAT) early in the process, as this is a great tool for allowing customers to visualise and control the end result.

Experts in a range of IT Infrastructure Projects

First Focus has a range of certified and experienced consultants and solutions architects, across the full spectrum of IT infrastructure and most major vendor products.

  • Microsoft Server platform including Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, and Skype
  • PaaS and IaaS solutions from Azure and AWS
  • Desktop rollouts and imaging via WDS and Intune / Autopilot
  • Virtualisation including VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Citrix, Remote Desktop Services and VDI technology and solutions
  • Cisco, Juniper, and HP LAN and WAN networking including MPLS and SD-WAN
  • HP, Dell and IBM server and storage technology
  • VOIP solutions from Mitel, Broadsoft, and Microsoft
  • Firewall deployment and configuration including Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and others