About Us

Datta Tech Consulting has been serving small and medium businesses in Canada, USA, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Caribbean and Sri Lanka.

As part of our offerings we provide MSP services that have been transforming the way businesses experience IT services through our premium IT support, relationship building, and customer service. IT Partners takes a proactive approach to all your business’s IT service needs, especially when it comes to ensuring your assets are secure from cyber threats.

We work beside you to customize an IT strategy that will get your business reaching its IT goals; on time and on budget.

Our Values

Datta Tech has 5 values that govern all relationships among employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Values conveyed and reinforced on a daily basis. Performance, Dedication, Respect, Team Work & Fun

Our Team

Nagantharan Naidu, Chief Operating Officer

Hemnaad Chinnuraj, Senior Technology Consultant

Sambhav Sharma, Network Analyst