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From the beginning of civilization to modern society, crime and the fear of crime have been hot topics is always a common matter of discussions in the daily agenda of any society. It has become a major endemic problem in societies around the world. Crime and fear of crime are among the key factors that negatively impact the social development within most cities of most countries in the world. In creating a sustainable city, better quality of life is very important because it can affect and influence the way people live and affect their thinking that further defines the success and  development of a city. Criminal factor is also a key driver for the individual and the community in determining the place they would like to work, live and send their children to school especially in a city. An environment that is safe from crime will attract the public and various other types of users at different time and for different purpose. Crime and fear of crime are the significant challenges to the goal of achieving sustainability because
an ‘unsustainable city’ is commonly characterized by “images of poverty, physical deterioration, increasing levels of crime, and perceived fear of crime”. By reducing crime and fear of crime it can improve the quality of life that is an essential factor in producing developments that are more sustainable. Poverty and social exclusion impact the crime and offenders distribution in urban areas where safety and security factors become major human needs throughout history.
Everyone dreamed of enjoying a peaceful life and live in a safe and prosperous city without the threat of crime. The city that is free from all forms of crime and criminal threats will be able to create a community that has the best quality of life and an admirable society. Crime and violence have become serious economic and social problems in many countries and the crime rates around the globe continue to escalate.

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