Cyber Security

Big Business Protection For Your Small Business

You Think You're Protected. You're Not.

Small Businesses are the #1 target for cyber criminals with an attack occurring every 14 seconds, whether to steal customer data or hold computer networks ransom. Even if you recover the reputational damage can be devastating.


Protecting Your Business at Home or Office 24/7

Sophisticated artificial intelligence and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect your company’s most valuable assets. The CyberOps SOC is watching for suspicious activity wherever you happen to be working.

Features & Benefits

My Antivirus & Firewall Protect Me. Wrong.

“For many small businesses their current level of cybersecurity measures are likely unable to protect against ransomware. Firewalls can’t see ransomware enter or data leave because it is encrypted.” (Forbes)

“Antivirus software is typically unable to detect these modern threats, and in some cases it is being used to deploy the ransomware that encrypts the data.” (Forbes)

Cybercriminals Only Target Big Business. Wrong.

In 2019, a single data breach cost businesses an average of $200,000 (*CNBC)

Small businesses are now not just liable for damages to their own business but to their online partners (third party).

New laws in states like NY and CA impose harsh fines for consumer data breaches even if your company doesn’t reside there.

60% of small businesses attacked go out of business within 6 months.

70% of cyber attacks are directed at small businesses. (*Verizon)

Your Antivirus & Firewall Are Missing Most of These Attacks.

Cybercriminals commonly use employees to gain easy access through social engineering and malicious software attacks.

Antivirus misses many of the threats getting through at the network and host level of your small business.

You Don't Need a New Hire

Why tax your limited resources? CyberOps is your company’s dedicated cyber security team. We don’t send you alerts, we act on them and resolve, giving you greater peace of mind.


Key Benefits

24/7 Live Analyst Monitoring

Our expert Security Operations Team are guarding your systems 24/7, even going so far as to set traps for cyber criminals (Honeypotting)

Proactive Threat Hunting & Incident Response

Unlike most systems that give you alerts and more work to do, CyberOps actively resolves threats before they become disasters

The Power of A.I.

CyberOps automatically scans for strange behavior that can lead to attacks, continually learns over time, and even detects for malicious Remote Code Execution (RCE) triggered by popular video conference platforms


Installed in minutes and flexible monthly subscription with no contracts

Customized to the Business Owner

System can be configured and alert you to strange behaviors, employee activity, and important software patch updates (Vulnerability Management)


HIPPA, PCI, CMMC, and advanced features provide compliance, and potential business insurance discounts